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Shark Fin Bass Bottled

I’ve decided to rename my latest home brew as Shark Fin Bass, to remember the, erm unusual shape of the fermentation temperature curve:

Shark Fin Bass
Shark Fin Bass

I got it bottled today (12 bottles) and the little bit of leftover beer I got to sample suggests that it has survived the unexpected temperature hike. Now to leave it be for a while – a week or so in the living room and then out to the larder – before I can properly judge it.

I also made an attempt to minimise the amount of sediment in the bottle. I transferred it from the fermentor back to my jerry can, making an effort to minimise the amount of sludge I picked up. I still got 6 litres and then left it to sit for a while as I got on washing the bottles. It looks okay although that’s another thing I need to wait for a few weeks to judge.

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