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Different Muscles

My legs are pretty good for cycling. I do about 30 miles a week with my commute to work, including a reasonably steep hill climb towards the end of my journey home, and a little extra on top from time to time. However, I found my legs aching today and I think that’s down to a bit of extra walking.

On Saturday, Jane and I joined a stroll round Wytham Woods with the Wild About Oxford Meetup group. It showed us bits of the woodland we haven’t seen before and an opportunity to explore off the path from time to time (something you aren’t meant to do on your own) to view some badger setts. I think I could now confidently identify an active sett and spot a badger latrine. A worthwhile afternoon!

I don’t think we did more than 3-4 miles but it was a slow pace and over sometimes uneven ground and I can feel it in my legs today. Same legs; different muscles.

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