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Let it Breathe

It might be a consequence of the fact that I’m buying at the lower end of the market but, with a lot of the wines I drink, they leftovers taste better the next day than what is poured on the day of opening. I’ve progressed on from buying whatever is cheapest but I’m still typically in the sub £10 market which, to wine snobs, probably barely registers.

What I have concluded is that the cheaper wines need a certain amount of oxidation to round them out. Today’s meal was pollo alla cacciatore (hunter’s chicken stew, from Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Italian book), which calls for a Chianti. I opened it when I started to the marinate the meat on my return from church and, having just finished the finished result, the cheapish (£7?) wine definitely tastes better now than when I poured about 1/3 of the bottle on the raw ingredients.

Lesson? As with bread, wine takes time.

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