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Made It Thus Far

Having got up before 5am today, I’ve had a fair bit of travelling to do. Given that the road down to London was flowing well, I probably didn’t need to set off quite so early. Even with a prolonged stop over a cup of coffee near Euston station, I was still at St Pancras International before 9am and had to wait until 9:30am before they opened the line to begin queuing. Then there was another wait on the other side of passport control and finally I was on the Eurostar train.

Yet another wait and it was off. The first part of my journey was familiar from my trip to Brussels a couple of years ago but then I was onto new ground. More waiting for the Thalys train from Brussels to Rotterdam, although it was surprisingly luxurious – big, comfy seats and a double to myself. Then a double-decker train from Rotterdam to Leiden.

There was a brief hitch when my ticket didn’t scan to let me out of the station but the person on the other end of the help intercom sorted that and then I walked the long way round the station to get to the hotel. However, I’m now showered, settled in and ready to go hunting for food before the evening reception for the course I’m on for the next two and a half days.

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