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More Precise Coffee

For all that I like to take a fairly scientific approach to food and drink, I have to admit that my coffee making is quite haphazard. I use some ground coffee…

This morning, I had the scales out for making bread so tried to be more precise. 15g of freshly ground coffee beans with 250g water at 90°C. There are still some unknowns (I don’t think my grinder is particularly precise, although I always keep it on the fairly fine ‘coarse’ setting) but it should make replication easier.

In this case, the result was stronger than I normally make – perhaps a bit too much so for my tastes. That makes the next choice how to adjust the flavour. I can’t add much more water while brewing (I’m using a drop-in, cup-sized filter) but I could either use less coffee or add a top-up of water at the end. More experimentation to come.

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