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On the Road

This weekend, St Clement’s had a church weekend at home. Special guest was +Steven, Bishop of Oxford, who spoke on Saturday morning and also joined us for a confirmation service on Sunday morning. His theme was the story of the road to Emmaus from Luke 24 and, on Saturday afternoon, I helped with a workshop providing an opportunity to explore this through art. Here is the acrylic painting I did:

Emmaus Windows
Emmaus Road

The underlying image is one of the back windows in the church, drawn blind three times (I wanted three and all the windows in St Clement’s are single or in pairs). How does it relate to the passage though?

Picture the two disciples walking along the road, burdened with sadness. A stranger joins them and, shedding some insight onto what the scriptures said about the mission of Jesus, began to bring them hope. With this and the other, watercolour piece I did, I was exploring the idea of a third figure bringing life through the effect of colour transformations.

My other question is whether it is finished. I’m still not sure. For a painting done in about 45 minutes using fairly cheap materials, I’m quite happy with it although I think I might want to work it up further.

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