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On the Road Again

As well as the acrylic painting I posted earlier this week, I also did a watercolour piece:

Walking to Emmaus
Walking to Emmaus

The concept for this one had struck me a couple of days earlier and I’d done a preliminary pencil sketch. I find that trying too hard to recreate a sketch can be stultifying, so I started with an orange crayon to very loosely indicate the figure groups before washing in the colours. As with the other piece, I’ve represented the influence of Jesus by the effect of colour – everyone is blue, except for the pair who are walking along with the red Jesus figure. Ideally, I wanted a blue and red that would merge to form a royal purple but I was working at speed and this still conveys the idea.

Incidentally, this raises one of the choices that those illustrating the story need to consider: which way do your figures face? Since I’ve gone for gesture rather than detail, it isn’t entirely clear here but, in my mind, all the figures are walking away. The viewer needs to catch up and decide which group to join or whether to remain solo. There’s clearly one choice where transformation is happening… but that means being willing to change.

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