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Another Place

As we were heading out of Liverpool earlier this month, we took a detour via Crosby, a coastal town that looks out to where the River Mersey joins the Irish Sea. If you’ve heard of it recently, it may well be because of ‘Another Place‘, Antony Gormley’s collection of 100 metal sculptures that was permanently installed on Crosby beach just over a decade ago after spending some time on other European beaches.

Crosby Beach
Another Place, Crosby Beach

I’d assumed they were all identical (apart from the gradual effects of weathering and colonisation by marine species) but, according to Gormley’s website, there were 17 different (though similar) casts involved. If I go back – and I think I would if was in the vicinity – I will have to look more closely for differences.

The effect is certainly powerful. A hundred solid figures gazing out to sea draws attention both to them and to questions of what they are seeking. Because the area they cover is so expansive, you can’t help seeing them at the edge of your vision even if not looking directly at them. I can’t say what Crosby beach felt like before but I think it certainly becomes another place with this artwork in permanent residence.

I’ve still got to process my photos from the holiday but, as you can see above, I also did a drawing of one of the figures.

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