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Artweeks 2019 – 3

Although exhibitions continue across Oxford this weekend, Jane and I decided to travel to South Oxfordshire, where the second of the three weeks is kicking off.

We drove towards Wantage, although didn’t get quite that far, and visited a range of exhibitions, particularly from ceramicists. We saw a number of people who were new to us but ended up getting a couple of bowls for our collection from Mags Cuttle (#215) in Kennington, who we first visited last year. Not only were her prices a bit below the average but her work was nearest our platonic ideal (at least to fit with our idea of a decent sized bowl to harmonise with our existing collection).

If I had to pick a highlight from multiple exhibitions we enjoyed though, I’d probably go for Carolyn Hawkes (#213) at Drayton. Lots of mathematics, cartography and labyrinths worked out in various media, mainly based around painted acrylics.

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