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Molluscs Begone!

For some reason, our garden seems very low on slugs and snails this year. I popped out tonight and only found five, all on a small dish that sometimes has water in. Those are all now dearly departed because, as a rule, I’m not a fan of these gastropods in the garden context. I’ve had plenty of crops damaged, decimated or destroyed by the little blighters. However, I am a bit concerned that the numbers seem so reduced.

By this time in the year, I would typically expect a slugging expedition to reach the point where I’d lose count of how many I’d encountered. It has been a hot day and is still dry outside but I feel we’ve had a fair amount of rain so far this year and we’ve been watering the garden too. Perhaps the couple of bursts of unseasonably hot weather we had earlier in the year, followed by returns to cold, tempted them out and then killed a lot of them off?

And, if slugs and snails are down, hurrah for the plants but what about the things that feed on them or might have been affected directly by the same causes? I will watch with interest – and a measure of concern – to see how this story develops later in the year.

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