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The Drought of History

I wonder what this summer will be like? Last year, most regions of the UK ‘enjoyed’ a prolonged dry period with high temperatures. I used ‘enjoyed’ advisedly – although heat and dryness tend to be associated with positive terms like ‘fine’ and ‘good’, my pleasure in my garden means I welcome a decent level of rainfall too!

We had a fair amount of precipitation yesterday though today was back to sun and warmth. A mix is also good with me – my plants like warmth and light as well as moisture! However, if it turns out hot again, I wonder what additional features the landscape might reveal? Looking back at a BBC article from last July (Hidden Landscapes the Heatwave is Revealing), the conditions did turn up a lot of large scale evidence of our previous interactions with the landscape lurking under the surface.

Rain is good but, if it doesn’t come as much as I’d like, I hope at least historians and archaeologists will be kept happy!

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