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I Came to Dance Again

After my post earlier this month, I went back to Modern Art Oxford last week and did some more sketching from Claudette Johnson’s I Came to Dance exhibition. This time, I did quick sketches of three of the large portraits in one of the galleries, using a different colour for each and then coming back with purple to combine them (and working up a few details with the original colours and a wet brush in places):

I Came to Dance - 2
Three Portraits

Of course, you haven’t seen the sketch from the first session yet (unless you also keep an eye on my Flickr photostream). That time, I worked from one of Johnson’s portraits but using multiple colours:

I Came to Dance - 1

Looking back, I’m quite intrigued by how Johnson’s work drew out a similar approach from me both times, with multiple felt tips used directly rather than working on an underdrawing. It wasn’t so much of a conscious choice as what felt right in my hands to respond to what I saw. For what it is worth, Johnson’s work tend to use pastels and gouache so I wasn’t directly echoing her media.

I’ll have at least one trip back because Magnus was keen to visit when he is in Oxford later next month but I might spend another lunchtime or two there just by myself too.

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