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I Came to Dance

I popped into Modern Art Oxford this lunchtime and was very impressed by the recently opened exhibition of work by Claudette Johnson, I Came to Dance.

Johnson works mainly on very large pieces of paper with a range of media (mainly charcoal, pastels and gouache). Most of her pieces feature black women, which has been the primary subject of her forty or so year career, and you can see a short video about her work on the BBC site.

I’d seen the video earlier in the week but not made the connection that it was showing locally. It hadn’t particularly grabbed me but the scale of the pieces, experienced in a stripped back version of the gallery (no video booths and extra subdivisions this time round), seemed more powerful when viewed directly.

Yes, I did do a drawing there and, no, I haven’t scanned it in yet. However, I think I will be making at least one return visit before the exhibition ends on 8 September.

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