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Parallel Channels

One of the options the Helix LT opens up to me is running two separate instruments side by side, with their own inputs, outputs and chain of effects. What’s the need for that? Tonight’s gig is a perfect example.

I’m playing bass and a little bit of guitar (my Variax electric, masquerading as an acoustic 12 string) with Long Player at The Grapes on Abingdon High Street (9-10pm, with support from The Revelators from 8-9pm – free entry). I could unplug one instrument and plug in the other but that causes a bit of extra fumbling time between songs and ends up using the same amp for both guitar and bass – workable but not necessarily ideal. Also, this time the Revelators have their regular bassist, Graham, for their set. The plan is to get him up to add some extra guitar (the Variax again) for the finale and this means that, as well as saving some time for my switches, he can just pick up the Variax and be good to go.

You do have to make a few sacrifices – as well as less slots on each channel, I found that I couldn’t load the bass one up with as many effects as I might normally have floating around. However, this is going to be a fairly straight ahead rock gig so I can have what I need; I just had to be a little more selective.

I’m looking forward to seeing how it works in practice but it seems promising during my warm up time earlier today.

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