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Pudding for a summer day

Or pudding for a summer evening. The point of this post was to note that I’ve been able to construct a summer pudding entirely out of soft fruit from the back garden – strawberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and tayberries. Along with a reduced-price loaf of ‘plastic’ white bread (heading towards stale but a better texture for the purpose than my regular home baked loaves), I’ve now got the result assembled in the fridge awaiting consumption tomorrow.

The recipe is pretty simple – a bowl lined with clingfilm and then slices of bread, filled with the fruit. The fruit was lightly cooked with a little water and sugar, with the strawberries dropped in just before taking it off the heat to stop them going mushy.

You take the crusts off the bread so my treat tonight is going to be crusts soaked in leftover juice (I put a bit too much water in with the fruit to start with – 300ml rather than 3 tbsps!).

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