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Single Speaker

My cunning plan for parallel channels didn’t quite get to full fruition as Graham’s bass amp malfunctioned. Instead my trusty Roland KC-150, which I’d planned to just use for the guitar, also became the bass amp too.

Fortunately, it has multiple inputs. Better yet, despite being only rated at 65W, it was just about loud enough to handle the rock gig. Graham played direct, which sounded okay to my ears, and I went through the Helix and a modelled SVT head and 8×10 cab. No ear drums were blown (good in my books) but, listening back to my recording, it was a solid rock tone. That single 15″ speaker did a pretty good job, all things considered!

Normally, I’d like to have more headroom but it all worked out okay (even closing with ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ as an extra encore – I’ve listened to it a few times, including when the Revelators closed on it earlier in the evening) but I don’t think I’ve played it before, let alone performed it. All things considered, it came out pretty well.

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