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Half Looking Forward

This Saturday, we’re due to to go to the Love Supreme festival in Sussex. We should get to take one of my favourite contemporary bands, Snarky Puppy, and jazz meister Chick Corea, along with a wide line up of other acts. However, I have to confess that I’m not overly impressed with other aspects of getting ready for the event.

It turns out that day tickets don’t include parking, so that’s another fee (plus booking fee plus extra fee for the single option of printing the pass out at home – no other choices). It also looks like we are limited in the food and drink we can take onsite and we can’t just pop back to the car to feed – more hidden costs by being locked into onsite catering. Topping that, despite having booked it a month ago, I’m still waiting for the tickets to turn up and it is too early to contact them to follow that up (not yet 48 hours before the festival starts).

I think I’ve been spoiled by my experience of festivals like Greenbelt and Soul Survivor. I’m hoping Love Supreme will provide an excellent day of amazing music but I’m not impressed with all the hidden charges and indicated hassles, which I’d classify as shady practice. I’m hoping to be impressed on the day but I’m not enjoying the unadulterated anticipation I’d been expecting.

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