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The Price is Right

Gosh! You know what… we’ve been to the cinema again. That’s twice in a month. I think it is all about the change in ticket price at the local Vue multiplex which, as mentioned at the start of the month, has dropped down to about a fiver (technically £4.99 but that excludes the booking fee). I don’t think we’ll be going every week but it feels like a more reasonable price – we can check out films we are interested in with an outing and, if we want to watch them again, we can wait for them to drop to about a fiver for the DVD.

BTW, this time the film was Yesterday (2019). It has a vaguely sci-fi premise (the hero, a struggling musician wakes up after an accident where certain parts of our culture – including The Beatles – have been erased; everyone now thinks he is a song-writing genius) but it’s really much more in the RomCom vein with a good dose of music while avoiding crossing the line into a musical.

Anyway, inspiring enough for me to get a complete Beatles songbook out of the library again today!

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