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Slow Cut

Gosh! Video editing takes a long time. I’ve got photos and clips from myself, Dave and Hannah, collected over our week at Soul Survivor and tonight I’ve finally made a start on cutting together a film to show when we do our Soul Survivor Sunday service on 8 September.

Still, it is getting there. I’ve got the initial 25 minutes of material reduced down to a more reasonable five or so minutes and there is some sense of a coherent narrative arc. At this stage, you can spend a lot of time regretting all the things you didn’t capture (a bit more of the speakers, both at main meetings and in the many seminars would have been great) but things are coming together.

Oh, and I’ve found a wonderful out-take to stitch on at the end, but I’ll say no more about that to avoid spoilers for anyone from St Clement’s!

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