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Little Red Sketchbook

I started my current main sketchbook in early August and I’m whipping through it at quite a rate. Yesterday I got the first 30+ drawings scanned in and today I managed to process and upload them to Flickr. Here is the first one from the book, done while Jane and I were picking a friend up from hospital (I was hovering in a nearby street, waiting for the call to drive back and collect them):

Eden Drive
Eden Drive

I’ve put the label from the front of the book on the inside cover and worked over it a bit. If you look closely, you can see the paper is rated at 140gsm but it is the good quality kind of 140gsm and I can work it quite hard with pens and water before the surface starts to degrade or the image on the other side of the sheet is at risk of being damaged.

I will be posting a selection of the images here over the next week or two but, if you are impatient, you can jump in and browse the album on Flickr.

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