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Oxxxford Tawny

Today’s predicted 22°C not withstanding, the maximum outside temperature this week doesn’t rise beyond about 20°C and so I’ve decided it is time to get brewing again.

On Friday, I cooked up a batch of wort to Graham Wheeler’s Batemans XXXB recipe, slightly adapted to use melanoidin malt instead of crystal malt. I’ve come in a bit below the target gravity (1.041 instead of 1.045), perhaps because of that substitution, but the wort has a lovely, malty taste.

This morning, I’ve set it fermenting with Safale S-04 yeast, a reliable doer that comes in dried form. All things being equal, I’ll probably be ready to bottle by Friday. Meanwhile, I’d better start thinking about what recipes I want to do next as that used up most of my remaining pale malt.

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