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Rotting Experiment

Sometime soon, I need to turn over my compost heap and extract the good stuff from the bottom. I had thought I might do it today but the tub trugs I’d use were full of cuttings that needed to be added to the top (now done), which I’ll give a day or two to settle on there.

The new additions are now semi-rotted, which makes me think of an experiment I’d like to try sometime, if I get a suitable space to do it. Generally, I’ve used a manual grinder for garden waste added to the compost, with regular additions of vegetable peelings, coffee grounds and other suitable additions from kitchen waste. I wonder if that really does much better than either just adding unprocessed trimmings or letting them sit in tubs for 2-3 weeks before adding them?

I’d need at least a couple of similarly sized composting areas to work with and enough material to feed both but I would be very interested in the results. I think that the grinding process contributes to excellent results but it still takes a while and is hard work. Is that step necessary or could I save a bit of time, which perhaps could be invested in other garden processes?

Maybe I’ll find out one of these days.

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