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Enchanted October

Apart from the fact that this is mid-autumn rather than mid-spring, everything about ElevenOne’s production of Enchanted April (at the Old Fire Station in Oxford – finishing tonight) is enchanting.

I originally came across the story via the 1991 film, which I mentioned when I saw it in 2016. Subsequently I also read the book but I wasn’t previously aware of the stage adaptation. It hits all the notes I loved in the film – Lottie as the key who unlocks faith, hope and love in those around her and the castle of the ‘Holy Saviour’ as a place where each person receives a touch of God’s kingdom. Furthermore, the company did an excellent of translating it to the stage and the intimate space of the Old Fire Station is a brilliant venue for it.

A particular delight, when Jane and I saw it last night, was to find that a friend from church was not only appearing in it but had that central role of Lottie, which she performed brilliantly. Highly recommended and a shame that the run ends this evening so I can’t pass it on with more warning.

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