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Free Cornish Army by Chris Dolley

Free Cornish Army

This short work is the partial autobiography of an author I have previously come across from lighthearted works like his ‘Reeves and Worcester’ steampunk detective stories. It covers a brief period of his life in the 1970s, organising japes for the Plymouth student rag week and also touching on his early experience of computer game programming (Dolley is an author of games as well as books).

To coin a word, this might be better called an autobiographlet. It is literally only a few chapters from his story but, from what I recall of his sense of humour from what I’ve previously read, it explains a lot (or he is spinning another one of those yarns).

Whether accurate or perhaps a little elaborated, Free Cornish Army is an entertaining short read and certainly captures the spirit of a time in recent history when rules, regulations and red-tape were all a little more flexible than they sometimes seem today.

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