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New Strings Day for the Variax

The fact that I had to check an online video as revision probably suggest a lot about how often I get round to changing strings on my instruments – a tendency exacerbated by the fact that my main bass uses double ball end strings (drop ’em in and tune ’em up). However, I finally got round to putting a new set on my Variax guitar today, a task that normally comes to mind on Sunday evenings before I am due to use it the next day at church and so gets put off until ‘a few days before next time I need it…’.

The set I bought for the purpose, a couple of years ago (!), are DR Tite-Fit 11-50’s (11, 14, 18, 28, 38, 50). I don’t know what came on the guitar but possibly a touch lighter and, yes, you read that correctly: what came on the guitar, which I got in spring 2017. Anyway, they are on, stretched and tuned up, feeling pretty nice and sounding so much brighter. I think I’ve done a reasonable job although I probably should practise the skill more often!

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