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If I’ve Done This Right…

If I’ve done this right, you are now seeing my blog via a secure, HTTPS connection rather than the plain ol’ HTTP one that has been in place thus far (or you will be using a feed aggregator and won’t notice any difference at all). I’m only about two or three years behind the times in getting round to getting that sorted!

I had tried some time before but it didn’t seem to work properly. I wanted to wait until my web server was running on an up to date version of the operating system (Ubuntu – moved to 18.04 LTS shortly before 14.04 LTS passed out of support) and see if that made a difference. I wonder if it was more down to the fact that I took a bit more time looking at the blog configuration script this time around? I had to integrate the Rewrite rules required for WordPress with those required to automatically forward all traffic to use the secure connection.

Anyway, now your connection is secure, I can finally tell you that it wasn’t. Since you don’t have to log in to read my posts (I’m the only person who logs into the site) it was only my previous passwords at potential risk of being cracked but HTTPS should run faster than HTTP in most situations these days and it does mean a ‘bad actor’ (as in ‘malicious hacker’ rather than ‘wooden performer’) can’t intercept the traffic between my server and your browser to change the content before it reaches you. It also means my site won’t be flagged as insecure or penalised in search rankings.

I know the Webden is pretty small fry in Internet terms but I feel glad to have finally got it done. Even if no-one is specifically gunning for my site, it does mean that it will be much harder for someone to use it as a foothold to mount an attack elsewhere. For more on why sites should be using HTTPS, see Does my site need HTTPS?, which I read back in 2017 around the time I last put time into trying to get it sorted.

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