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They’ll be the first ones to judge me

Kanye West is an American performing artist who has garnered praise, criticism and lots of money for his music and other enterprises. When I saw a recent story, quoting West’s claim to be “the greatest human artist of all time”, I really wasn’t that bothered to look into it further. I don’t buy the idea that art is a competition to begin with. However, he popped up again a couple of weeks later with the release of his album “Jesus is King” and a spate of articles around the claim that he had given his life to Jesus.

Has he? How would I know? I do think that, if it is true, he will be laying down a lot of his pride and taking on some humility over the coming years although, since I only know of him via the distorting mirror of the media, I doubt I will get much chance to take a close look. I’m also sure that his fame and wealth are probably going to be more of a hindrance than a help. Jesus, after all, came to a Judean stable and not a Roman palace which marks something of how much regard God has for human claims of status.

I did listen to the album though. I don’t think it is likely to make my list of favourite albums of all time any time soon but I found a section in Hands On that struck me as poignant:

What have you been hearing from the Christians?

They’ll be the first ones to judge me

Make it feel like nobody loves me

Hands On from Jesus is King (2019) by Kanye West

That is probably true of some of Christendom. I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt but I pray that he will know each day the truth that God loves him (the foundation Christianity) and that he will find fellowship with Christians who can treat him as a brother rather than a star, allowing Kanye to participate in the giving and receiving that is sustenance of a relational faith

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