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Unnecessary Counting

By the time I got home from Loughborough on Sunday afternoon, the car was getting pretty low on petrol – not quite down to the fumes but into warning light territory – so one of today’s jobs was to refuel. I went down to the local Tesco to get some cash from the ATMs and I was going to fill up as well when I spotted a “spend over £60 and get 10p off per litre” offer, so I returned home to figure out what we needed.

This evening, I returned and made my way round the store, crossing items off the shopping list and keeping a running total of the cost. I didn’t want to get the checkout and find that I’d come a few pence short of the magic figure. Instead, the game was to buy things we would buy anyway even if it meant storing up a few things with longer shelf lives.

I had a few extra items, like a spare charging lead for my iPad and some booze, but ended up not needing to get most of them – it is quite sobering just how quickly a bill can add up. By the time I got to the final item, a big bottle of gin (the myrtle bush is ripening so I want to get a last harvest to make a batch of myrtle gin), I’d reached the point where that took me safely over the line.

It probably was sensible to count but it is pretty easy to spend £60. My next challenge should probably be to figure just how cheaply I can do a healthy grocery shop for a week and how much difference the choice of shopping locations makes.

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