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One of the lead stories on the BBC news today, and across many other news sources, was that Ephraim Mirvis, Chief Rabbi in the UK, had expressed deep concerns about Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party and the alleged failure to deal with institutional anti-Semitism.

However, as I was posting only yesterday, it is wise to question your sources. That Mirvis made such allegations is very clear. However, what he and many who have reported his weighing in don’t seem to have made so clear is that he is on record as being an ardent supporter of Boris Johnson, who in turn is regarded as being a supporter of the state of Israel (see Jewish News, 23 July 2019). Conversely, Corbyn is not a fan of the Israeli state and is noted as a supporter of the Palestinians; that doesn’t make Corbyn anti-semitic but it does suggest that Mirvis may have other things colouring his views than just issues Labour has over how some of its members have spoken and acted in relation to UK-based Jews.

See a much more detailed examination of this same thread over at The Canary.

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