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Although I’m not a great fan of long car journeys (see yesterday!), one of the thing that eases them is having something good to listen to. Often that’s music but I’ve recently discovered the podcast put out by Worship Circle, which has given me food for brain and spirit on my travels up and down to Loughborough.

The theme is worship leading and the format is simply the host – Todd Fields – interviewing a guest for 40-50 minutes. When I was found it, I worried if it would be sickly sweet, cheesy or any of those other pejorative adjectives. Instead, I’ve found it a brilliant support in my new role as worship pastor – sometimes I even have to pause it either because I want to ponder a point or because I can feel my emotional response welling up and I’m aware I’m speeding down the motorway in a metal cage!

As they repeat every episode, we are loved and not along; a truth to build on.

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