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Any colour, as long as it’s black…

No, I’m refusing to make political commentary today. Read back in my Politics category and you can probably guess how I’m feeling about today’s main UK headline. However, what has occupied more of my time had been picking up the keys to my new rental property in Loughborough. There’s a lot more of the journey ahead but this is a significant step.

One result is that my pocket has an even larger set of keys to cope with – I’ve now got a new front door, back door, window lock and outside store set to cope with. The latter two probably won’t get carried around much and the former two are different sizes. However, I decided it might be useful to get some colourful key caps to easily pick them out in the bunch so I popped into local miscellany megamart, The Range, to see if they had anything suitable.

It turned out that they do sell key covers although (as you will have guessed from the title), they only had black ones in stock. A pack of those has done the trick though. I only needed one for my set, one for Jane’s set and used one of the spares for the key to my office door. That is an entirely different style of key but I do sometimes find myself getting mistaken with others which are similar to it.

Yes, my bunch of keys is indeed growing towards full-scale gaoler proportions!

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