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DIY Fact Checking

If you live in the UK and haven’t already submitted a postal vote, I hope you are registered to vote (if eligible) and planning for how you are going to get to your local polling station tomorrow. Meanwhile, with a bit of time to go, perhaps some DIY fact checking would be a good exercise as there has been a lot of misinformation in this campaign. My personal view is that so many of the falsehoods have come from the Conservatives that they ought to be disqualified but, in this multimedia age, we don’t have to accept any report at face value – we’ve often got the tools to dig deeper.

For example, yesterday this story from The Guardian about a press embargo that hides vital truth so incensed me that I didn’t just like it where I saw it on Facebook but I also shared it on my timeline… both after taking a few minutes to read the Land for the Many report that suffered this misrepresentation. In the recommendations section of chapter 3, you will see that not only do Labour expressly not recommend scrapping capital gains tax exemption for main homes but they also suggest phasing out stamp duty. The media which said the opposite have been judged to be in the wrong but, if that isn’t publicised before tomorrow, it may be too late if it swings enough people in marginal seats.

If truth is strangled in the dark, the hope of social justice and equity dies with it. We will be left even more in thrall to the super-rich from this country and around the globe and… well, I think I’ve made my opinions clear before. But, since so much stuff is online, do try to find the time to check what you consider to be the critical facts supporting your decision in the polling booth.

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