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Like Pease in a Pod

Today has been the last day of my last extended stay in Loughborough before it shifts to being my main base of operations (one trip in a car and one return journey in a rental van coming up this week). Since I’m going to see Steve Lawson’s 20th anniversary (of solo bassing) gig this evening, I’m not travelling back to Oxford directly this afternoon but taking advantage of the extra time to cook a meal for the wonderful friends who have been hosting and making the necessary period of bi-location feasible.

When I rang Jane for a chat and told of the menu – ham, braised red cabbage and accompanying veg – she told me what she was cooking for dinner today, namely, the very same thing. There will be some differences due to the cooking facilities available but the main one will be that she doesn’t have a tin of pease pudding to go with hers (hence the title of this post – a pun rather than a mistake).

It is delightful to see that we are still on the same wavelength!

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