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Merry Christmas 2019

This has been the first Christmas I’ve ever been working – one of the perils of the worship pastor role. However, having taken a lead on the music for four services in the last week and a half, I now get a break for a few days before I get back in the saddle again and I can look back at having successfully supported those services, aided by many of the excellent musicians I get to regularly work with and a few welcome guests.

It has also been the first Christmas that I’ve spent at another family’s home. I’m grateful to the family from church who openly invited us round to join them. We did contribute a rendition of the wacky Christmas ukulele medley I dreamed up a couple of years ago but we remain bowled over by how warmly and generously they welcomed us in – we even got gifts from ‘secret Santa’!

This, though is a season of new things and I expect the year ahead will contain many more firsts, to be experienced in fellowship with Jesus, whose incarnation we have been celebrating today.

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