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More Kvass

I discovered how to make beetroot kvass last year and have since knocked up a few more batches. As Jane isn’t too keen on beetroot, it was a good way to make use of the beetroot we sometimes got in our veg box (from the excellent Veg in Clover). We stopped that service a little while ago though, when we anticipated that future changes might lead to some belt tightening (although not that we might also end up well outside the delivery area!) so haven’t had beetroot coming in.

A couple of weeks ago, Jane caught up with friends who have an allotment and came home with a large beetroot, so I washed it off and started another batch, which I bottled tonight. It looks great although I’ll wait until tomorrow to taste it. I’m interested to see if extra brewing time (I have normally given it only a few days) makes a difference. With a lot of these slow recipes, time is the magic ingredient (well, that and billions of natural bacteria and yeasts) so I’m hopeful of good things.

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