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My First ASTAD Carol Service

I’ve been doing a lot of driving, loading, unloading and unpacking over the last few days but that little spate is now over and I think I’m ready to resume regular blogging services. One of the other things that I’ve fitted in has been my first carol service at All Saints, in my role as worship pastor.

One of the challenges was not knowing the history of previous services. I’d gleaned some information but a few recollections and service orders isn’t the same as experiencing it. I’ve run carol services in previous churches but there I had several years to experience them from the rank and file before stepping up to lead. Still, I think it passed off well.

I dressed to act the part of conductor, with frilly yellow shirt, tail coat and, this year, a plaited beard. I think that was enough to make a good number of people assume I knew what I was doing rather than just doing a strange interpretative dance to the sound of the organ. Thanks also to our expert organist and the wonderful little choir who have coalesced and let me lead them over the past few weeks.

Overall, I think the Christmas magic was there and we joyfully delivered readings and carols to a full church. Next year? I’d like to up the game a bit but will at least have the luxury of being able to start preparations (much) earlier and having more history in the place.

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