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Uke had to be there

I did take the ukulele to the Quorn folk session last night and a good one it was too. Lots of good music to listen to, an open invitation to join (I can’t remember if anyone exercised the option to ask people not play along, although it didn’t descend into a free-for-all jam) and my book of uke tunes from the old jUKEbox group I used to play with in Oxford was invaluable.

My choices were:

  • Trail of the Lonesome Pine (Ballard / MacDonald, 1913, but popularised in Laurel and Hardy’s Way Out West, 1937). I probably should have had a solo worked out for the middle – I didn’t want to end too quickly but I’d forgotten the lyrics just repeat until I’d put an extra loop back in
  • Ain’t She Sweet / Five Foot Two / Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby. This is an excellent medley that was devised by the Oxford Ukuleles group – a blast from the roaring 20’s as we head into the 2020’s.
  • Sunny Afternoon (The Kinks). A deliberately unseasonal song but a satisfying level of joininginyness in the chorus.

The Quorn session is pegged to run every week, although I won’t be there for all of them, but watch the Facebook group for updates.

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