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3 More Notes

One of the things I’ve been experimenting with this week is the 3 note generator effect on my Helix LT. Most of the effects take an incoming signal and transform it but this, as the name suggests, generates three notes from scratch.

I have to note that documentation on using this function seems fairly sparse and, if YouTube videos is a good metric, it seems largely overlooked. I’ve had to fiddle around with the controls and it seems like a limited synth engine compared to some of the ones I’ve played with in Logic 10 on my Mac.

However, the saving grace seems to be running the output of the generator through further effects. I’ve got several hooked up, including a rotary speaker, an expansive delay and ‘particle’ reverb. I’ve managed to round off the edges, of what was an offensively insistent wall of tones, and come up with something that I’m going to try as a patch under one of the songs at church tomorrow morning (albeit with a volume pedal at the end of the chain so I can bring it down gently if required).

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