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Part of my Christmas present from Jane this year was a new set of strings for my Sei bass. As a six string bass with non-standard (low D to high Eb) tuning, my options are quite limited and my go-to supplier for the two decades or so that I’ve had the instrument has been Status Graphite.

I’m not the kind of consumer to keep them in business but they appear to be still going. However, I was getting concerned because, despite placing the order in mid-December (and getting an automated confirmation), they didn’t arrive for Christmas, nor in the days following. Furthermore, when I rang yesterday to chase (admittedly not long before 5pm) I just got an answer machine.

Fortunately (and unrelated to the abortive call), the strings arrived today and, when I got back for lunch, Jane had them wrapped up and ready to give to me. Hopefully next time I order, Status will be back to their regular prompt and efficient service. Meanwhile, now I’ve got to decide when to put the new strings on (which, with the double-ball end design, is a pretty quick process – it is mainly about when I want a week or two of that ‘new string’ sound).

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