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Easy Chicken Roast

I can’t remember when we last had a microwave (certainly for part of our time in Lewisham but not, I think, at all in our Oxford residence) but we picked one up just before Christmas, as the oven in our rental property was flaky. That’s due to be replaced shortly but we’ll still have the microwave, which also happens be one of those fancy ones with a grill and convection oven built in.

Yesterday, we decided to have roast chicken. I’d bought a small bird and it turns out there is an auto setting which worked a treat. Fifty minutes cooking and a few minutes to rest and the meal was ready.

However, I think that just used the convection oven part of the device. I wonder if it could be sped up by also using the microwave function? Unfortunately, microwave books seem to have gone out of fashion and the local library hardly has any, so I’ll need to dig around the Internet for inspiration (should be easy but one has to be a little cautious of ‘clever’ online tips!).

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