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The best part of my experience as a Virgin Media customer so far has been having a real, live engineer round to look at the system. Since moving into the new house, I’ve spent a fair chunk of time calling up for support (a good proportion of which involved being kept on hold, suffering the muzak). Worse still, since one of the problems was the phone service not working, I had to do it all from my mobile although, to be fair, I rarely scratch the surface of the minutes I get on the deal I use each month so I haven’t ended up paying any more for that privilege.

It turns out I need a phone with its own power supply (eg. a modern, cordless one), which I don’t think was clearly explained in the literature nor in any of the calls. The engineer also spotted a problem on the line and solved it by splicing up a new cable to run between the wall box and the hub.

So, Virgin’s telephone support is less than excellent but they’ve got at least one brilliant and helpful engineer out in the field.

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