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I haven’t played much in the way of computer games for a long time and the last one I spent time on was Minecraft, which was far removed from some of the strategy and shooter games I used to enjoy. Yesterday evening, I decided to try Warriors of Waterdeep on my iPad and I’ve got mixed thoughts about the subject.

What I noticed in particular is that, although the game is playable in its free form, there are lots of enticements to spend real money on in game enhancements. I don’t think it is unique in this but it stood out to me because most of my gaming was back in the days when you would only be online if you actively wanted to play against other humans and upgrades would be in the form of going out and buying an expansion disk rather than treating your real world money as a resource to be tapped directly.

Maybe I am missing something but there doesn’t really seem to be much true story to the game. It is just a pretty slog through clicking on things for the sake of characters that only exist to encourage you to click on things – circular and unsatisfying. I might still dip into it in small doses (and my real-world money will be staying well away from it) but I think I’ll keep with things like books and music, which aren’t actively trying to game you while you play!

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