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You Are What You Eat

iZombie (2015-2019) is an interesting blend of lab-led detective work and zombies. The lead character is Olivia Moore, a medical student who gets turned into a zombie but manages to sate her hunger for brains (ie. one of the classic zombie tropes of popular horror mythology) by getting a job in a morgue. She also happens to look not dissimilar to ‘Buffy’ of Vampire Slayer fame although I don’t know if this was in any way intentional.

The brain-food diet preserves her in an undead state, avoiding decay although with a decidedly pale complexion. As an interesting twist, she gets flashbacks based on the recent memories of those whose brains she has fed on as well as picking up certain of their character traits. The latter is mainly for comedic effect and, occasionally some touches of empathy; the former is what gets her out of the morgue and into helping with detective work.

I don’t think that gives away more than the early trailers and I think the scenario develops in later series (I’m part way through series 1). Quite entertaining if you can stomach the suspension of disbelief required for the premise.

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