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Pizza Rolls

This evening I’ve been cooking for a church lunch tomorrow, trying a recipe for ‘pizza spirals’ from a book I’ve got out of the library. Essentially: make a pizza dough, roll it out in a rectangle, top and then roll into tight spirals before cutting into portions and placing in a baking tin to cook.

Unfortunately, I was right to wonder if the the dough would roll out thinly enough on the specified 20cm x 30cm piece of baking parchment (or pieces – I doubled all quantities). It fitted but I didn’t get more than about a rotation and a half in rolling rather than the three times round shown in the pictures. That means the result is not as neat looking as the illustration in the book although my sample, from the left over bits that wouldn’t jam into the main tin, is amply tasty.

If I try this again, I think I need a dough that is more like a yeasted pastry rather than a full on bread. The book’s recipe is only slightly more hydrated than my regular bread dough but my intuition says that I want something with more fat and less flour, which I think would be better for rolling, or at least a small ball of dough so I can roll it out much thinner.

Still, you don’t learn if you don’t try and I think my pizza rolls should still go down pretty well tomorrow.

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