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Plant Extraction

It’s been a busy week! On Monday and Tuesday, I had music for events at church on my mind, along with an excellent time sitting down with Andrew, who is in a similar role at Emmanuel Church, Loughborough. Wednesday was taken up with doing some music for Toddler’s church in the morning and then prepping for leading this Sunday, needing to get music ready for the rehearsal that evening. Then, yesterday and today, Jane and I have made a couple of trips down to Oxford to do more tidying up at our (sale in progress) house down there.

We haven’t got that all done yet but we have made good progress on one aspect – retrieving the plants we had in pots (either permanently or potted up while we were preparing to sell). Most of those are now sitting outside our rental house although a few small trees will have to wait until we finish off the last of the moving with a high ceiling van.

I’ve only dug up one more thing, the small Hamamelis ‘Diane’ that was the source of the alien flowers I use on the header of my blog site. Although we bought it not long after moving in, we’ve never found a good site for it and it hadn’t grown a huge amount. I did some investigative digging and, determining that it didn’t have an extensive root run, decided to go ahead with what I’d intended to get round to last October and put it in a pot.

Trapped between the privet hedge, the myrtle hedge and a black-leaved Elder (Sambucus nigra), which has done very well for itself over the last decade, I don’t think it will be missed and I don’t think it will miss it’s position. Hopefully, before too long, I’ll be able to find somewhere this plant too can thrive.

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