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Playing to the Crowd

Playing to the Crowd

That’s the second track for my RPM2020 album at least provisionally in the can.

This one started with a chunk of audio I recorded at church yesterday afternoon. We’d had a funeral service and were hosting a reception afterwards in the church hall. Having check that no voices could be picked out distinctly, I pasted several copies, blurring the crossover points and reversing the last one while ramping up a flanging effect for good measure. That’s the equivalent of splashing paint on a canvas in order to provide a ground to work on.

Over the top of that, I selected one of the ‘drummers’ from Logic Pro X (instructed to follow the crowd noise) and then improvised over the top of that with my bass. You haven’t got a completely raw recording – I did take the liberty of excising one or two unwanted turns – but it is still an honest response of what I heard or… playing to the crowd.

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