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Two fingers

I’ve been looking for a couple of what I think might be called ‘rubber tap extenders’ – essentially, rubber tubes that can fit on the end of a faucet and carry the water a bit further as the taps in the kitchen of the house we are renting don’t extend very far over the sink, making rinsing items difficult. I’ve trawled round the local market and a range of homeware shops and haven’t found them anywhere although I’ve now tracked down something along the right lines online.

I haven’t splashed out on that pair yet though as I had a brainwave while hunting around this afternoon. We got Jane a new pair of rubber gloves (which she likes to wear for washing up) and we’ve used a couple of fingers from the old pair to provide the extension.

They are a bit floppy but do the job reasonably well. I’m looking forward to seeing how well they hold up over the next few weeks.

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