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Christian Resources Exhibition

Today I’ve got a work-related outing to the Christian Resources Exhibition, which is being hosted at Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry. It has been running at various locations in the UK for years but I’ve never previously had the combination of cause and availability to go to it.

There will be about 150 exhibitors representing a wide range of goods and services that support churches and other Christian ministries. I will be particularly looking out for the ones with a focus on music and audio / visual technology. I’ve got a few specific questions in mind and also a more meta consideration to ponder: what is the continuum between those who seem to aim at fleecing a captive audience with over-priced sales and those who are invested in finding creative ways to get excellent results from often meagre budgets?

I will also be keeping an eye out to see if I spot anyone I know. I’ve made a few connections over the years at Christian organisations up and down the country so it won’t be entirely surprising if I spot one or two familiar faces around the hall (although, given the likely hubbub, it’s also entirely possible that I’ll glide straight past people I ought to have recognised).

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