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Nice, on the edge

I try not to waste too much time watching vapid TV but sometimes it is fun to relax with something that is nice and unambitious and just, well, nice. In that category, I’d place Restaurants on the Edge, which has recently appeared on Netflix.

A short summary of every episode so far is that the team of three experts (publicity, design, food) arrive at a restaurant that is struggling despite being in a beautiful setting. They provide advice that seems to always boil down to ‘celebrate local culture, cuisine and ingredients, avoid clutter and don’t be afraid to promote yourselves’ and everyone lives happily ever after.

I particularly enjoyed the episode set in Tobermory, on the Bruce peninsular, Ontario, Canada, which I had the pleasure of visiting in 2017. I’ve seen the stunning colours of forest, rocks and water myself and I’ve got a feeling I might have spotted the restaurant that gets a makeover in it’s pre-show days. I certainly saw the brightly decorated ship that brings the ‘heroes’ to their destination.

I’ve also confirmed that the series is a Canadian production, living up to all the stereotypes of Canadian niceness. And, for light weight viewing, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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