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Putting it to the test

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working hard on preparing for the Humpty Dumpty pantomime at Barrow upon Soar (tickets still available, I think). Before the first rehearsal, I’d been given a copy of the music but it wasn’t bass specific parts and there were lots of page turns. After that rehearsal, I transcribed what I played by hand and then worked it up into a series of scores using Lilypond.

It is quite a painstaking process, even using the Frescobaldi GUI. Over the past few years, I’ve mainly used it as a way of quickly previewing the results of my changes to the source file but I think I need to look at other tools it makes available to speed up the process. I got it done though and, last night, transferred a set of PDF scores (each song conveniently reduced down to no more than a single page) to the OnSong app on my iPad and did a final test playalong with my rehearsal recording.

Tonight is the real test though, with the first of three performances (matinee and closing night tomorrow, so it’s not a long run). I think I’m ready though.

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